Want to retain and attract new members?

We work with progressive membership groups that are looking to retain existing members while attracting new members with a range of benefits designed to offer well-being cost-saving and give additional revenue by offering targeted communication. Benefits Direct are also the market leader in supplying membership benefits, so why not work with us to bring an approved network of benefits used by thousands?

We can produce a branded newsletter that contains the latest in retail and technology savings, as well as an average member saving of over £1,000. When surveyed, members often feel they receive no value from groups, so we work with our customers to extract maximum value for our customers and your members. Our branded portal or App will drive engagement while saving members more than their annual fees. To give your members Perks to remember, simply CONTACT US.

Perks Membership Programmes

Membership Programmes

Offer your members an easy-to-use benefits portal with a full range of benefits and rewards!

  • Attract Members
  • Retain Members
  • Offset Membership Fees
  • Organisations of all Sizes