Legal Helpline

As a valued client of Perks Direct, you are entitled to a free HR, Employment Law or Health and Safety consultation with the Employment Law Advice Bureau.

Our private and confidential employer-focused advice service is geared completely towards business owners, company directors, and senior decision-makers. You will receive definitive answers to all your HR, Employment Law, and Health & Safety questions, helping you move forward quickly and in complete confidence with your chosen course of action.

Employment Law Advice Bureau
  • ACAS Pre-Conciliation Guidance
  • Employment Tribunals (And Threats Of)
  • Health & Safety
  • Removing Problem Employees (Dismissals)
  • Sickness (Stress, Anxiety, Depression)
  • Irreconcilable Breakdowns Of Trust
  • Contracts Of Employment
  • Redundancies & Lay Offs
  • Holidays & Entitlements
  • Maternity & Paternity
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Commercial Business Advice
Perks Legal Helpline

This is the standard all organisations must meet before opening for business. Businesses must demonstrate this via a risk assessment. Contact us to ensure your business is COVID-secure.

A risk assessment is where a business identifies hazards that could harm employees, visitors, public members, etc. They would then need to put control measures in place to reduce the risk of harm from these hazards. A competent person must do this. Get in touch for assistance with risk assessments.

Every employer must appoint one or more competent person(s) to assist them by law. A competent person must have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to help the employer. Contact us about appointing a competent person.

Yes, they can… get in touch to ensure this doesn’t happen.

You are obliged to get them back to work, and if you have exhausted the full procedures, you are allowed to terminate their employment… Contact us for the whole answer.

In most circumstances, you must follow the legal process… call us for more information immediately.

The law prohibits deductions from wages unless you have written consent… contact us first before taking action.

It depends on what your contract says… call us for a contract review.