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Improving work productivity and decreasing workplace stress by transforming your workforce’s relationship with money

Attracting, motivating and retaining employees by supporting their financial well-being-without cost

Quick, secure and simple enrolment without the need to integrate your payroll into our system

Real-time and automatic repayments that make salary advances effortless

77% of employees admit that financial concerns impact their performance at work and 94% of employees are stressed about money.

Here are key benefits that your business can gain with the financial well-being tool.

Increased productivity

Attract and retain talent

Improve employee engagement

Lower absences

Start solving employee engagement with a cost-free and worry-free salary advance solution.

With our technology, we can relieve the pain of waiting for a payday by giving employees financial breathing space.

Gain access to more than 50 brands and retailers

Get quick and advanced access to up to £300 of your salary, monthly

Manage gift cards in one place

Send gift cards to family and friends

Track spending and facilitate repayment effortlessly

Perks Direct offers fantastic benefits and rewards for your employees, customers or volunteers.
Together with borofree, our solutions include everything from budgeting, retailer promotions, financial education, and, of course, a salary advance at 0% interest, £0 fees, £0 cost.
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