Membership Benefits


Our wellbeing specialists are on hand to offer advice, support and guidance on a wide range of healthcare issues, providing reassurance to you and your family.

An emotional Healthline staffed by trained counsellors, this support service aids you in coping with grief, anxiety, mental stress and depression.

Additional features such as health clubs, boot camps and an online wellbeing tracker encourage better lifestyle choices.

Easy GP consultations – by video or phone.

Saving time, effort and worry.

No waiting with 24/7 availability to GPs by ‘phone or video consultation, connecting you and your family to quality advice directly in your home or workplace. It’s quick and convenient!


Our helpline provides you with 24/7 access to legal advice, 365 days a year.

As one of the UK’s largest law firms offering personal and business legal services, we’re well-placed to support Perks Direct users with whatever legal advice you need.

The Perks Direct Platform offers fantastic benefits and rewards for your employees, customers or volunteers.

Our solutions include everything from savings at theme parks and restaurants to support programmes designed to help you show your employees that you care.

Perks Direct Platform

Vectis Card is the home of significant savings throughout the UK—all on just one card! The card is free for Perks Direct users and is part of our App.

The Vectis Card can save you money in big-name brands and local independent retailers. Use the Vectis Card App to find participating stores and venues and browse available discounts.

Over 1,000 participating venues across the UK, from restaurants to hairdressers, gyms to high-street stores.

Book an online GP appointment, speak with a therapist, and gain instant access to discounts and savings from over 1500+ brands.  All through one easy-to-use app.

  • Your GP
  • Your Mental Health
  • Your Benefits
  • Your Life

£0 fees for employers and employees.

Improve work productivity and lessen workplace stress by transforming your workforce’s relationship with money.

Attract, motivate and retain employees by supporting their financial well-being-without cost.

Quick, secure and straightforward enrolment without integrating your payroll into our system.

Real-time and automatic repayments that make salary advances effortless.

Perks Direct have partnered with Cultural Capitalism to make a maximum impact in your community.

Cultural Capitalism Limited is a private company dedicated to increasing charitable giving by doubling consumer donations.

We have the drive, determination and know-how to increase charitable acts without adversely impacting consumers.

With over 30,000 charities available to help, it could not be simpler.

Local Community

We focus on helping businesses of all sizes to reduce their financial waste and use the additional revenue to create charitable outcomes.

We go beyond what is usually considered financial wastage to optimise every opportunity. For example, if we can see that an employee has enormous potential, but their knowledge, passion, or experience is not being utilised, there is an opportunity to become more productive with a social outcome. 

Culture Capitalism also has Seed Capital Investment opportunities for companies that focus on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ensure that this is integral to all aspects of their organisation.

All clients wishing to support our visual outcome programme will automatically receive Associate CSR membership status. 

Spend a little. Live a lot.

We’re constantly adding more and more brands where you can earn cashback, so keep checking back weekly!

Connect your go-to cards.

Link your favourite credit and debit cards, even that trendy new one.

Perks Cashback
Income Protection with Perks

What would you do if you were off work with sickness, accident, or injury? How would you be able to pay your bills? Income Protection would pay you a monthly amount to pay your bills! Get a quote for Income Protection today!

Also available:

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Rental Protection