Corporate Social Responsibility 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about giving back rather than taking. CSR is adopted by companies to provide funding for local projects or supported charities as a way of saying thank you to their customers and clients. This can be in a variety of ways from the support of local community projects to broader, environmental issues such as the replanting of trees. Not only does this benefit others but also raises company and brand awareness.

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Opting in to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Although Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is wholly voluntary, the benefits can outweigh the costs, and with such apps as The Impact App, giving doesn’t have to cost a penny, in fact using the Impact APP is free and whenever an employee or member of staff use a company card then a small portion of the transaction is donated to the cause or project of their or the companies mandatory choice. It is also something that can be promoted through the local community, so anyone can support local projects and causes. Creating a much greater awareness and of course the much need funding associated with such causes and projects.

Raising Awareness With CSR

By being a corporate social responsible company not only are you raising awareness of your services, you are providing that much needed social benefit. Opting in to Corporate Social Responsibility shows a core concern for your employees, clients and where applicable the local community. Your values will be recognised and this will have an impact on your business and dealings with clients, not to mention the causes or projects that you are supporting.

Note: There is a strong belief customers prefer to buy from companies that generate community benefit.

CSR for business
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