A Healthy Workforce is a Productive One – Health Benefits for Employees. 

Taking Care of Your Team. 

The wellbeing, mindfulness and overall health of your team and employees is key to good productivity, we look at why having health benefits for employees is not only beneficial to them, but also to your overall business. Utilising an EAP, Employee Assistance Program allows your staff to access key benefits that will help them keep healthy, deal with any mental illness issues and keep productivity to its maximum. 

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Avoiding Additional Stress. 

It is a well-known fact that illness, time off as well as fatigue, stress and anxiety can have a major negative impact in the workplace, this can also create a domino effect where staff covering for absenteeism and sick leave are also negatively impacted in the additional burdens entailed by a bigger workload.  

Quick and Easy Employee Access to GPs. 

Giving your employees access to an Employee Assistance Program, means they can use services such as 247GP, this allows access to consultations with doctors whether via video or by telephone, without long waiting times and without the need to take time off work to attend appointments. Also, with no time limit on speaking to a clinician about any concerns or symptoms they may be experiencing. They say that prevention is always better than the cure, so if an employee is starting to feel ill whether physically or mentally, they have easy access to the help they need. 

Why Use Our 247GP for Your Team? 

Here are five reasons why 247GP can benefit you, your business and your team; 

  1. No Time Off – Employees can access private and confidential video consultations online from the comfort of their home, or office. 
  1. Speedy Prescriptions – Prescriptions for medication can be processed digitally and delivered direct to your employee, no need to commute to the local chemist. 
  1. Faster Appointments – Waiting for a conventional doctor’s appointment or even being able to book one can be a nightmare, with 247GP appointments are made quick and easy. 
  1. Peace of Mind – Knowing that you have access 24/7 to experienced clinicians who are able to help you is in itself a stress relief. Your team can be confident if there is something wrong, help is only a telephone call away, any time of the day. 
  1. Feeling of Worth – Your team will have a sense of worth when you provide them with these additional employee benefits, and when your staff are happy their productivity is increased. 

These are just five examples why enrolling in an Employee Assistance Program that offers 24/7 GP consultations can help your business, what should be noted that our EAP provides much more, and includes valuable services such as legal advice, enhanced financial and debt support services, interactive mental fitness apps, access to online therapy, as well as help with anger management, bereavement, weight management and so much more. 

By ensuring your team are taken care of in all aspects of their home and work life will ultimately help your business meet its goals, succeed and grow so contact us today to find out how our Employee Assistance Program can help YOU. 

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